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Peter Wallmer is a Real Estate Consultant working in the inner southern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland in Australia. Peter has been working in the real estate industry since 1990, and is committed to excellence in his chosen career. This information is provided to give you an insight into Peter's life in real estate.

"Hi ! My name is Peter Wallmer. I like to think of this information as my resume. After all, shouldn't you find out as much as possible about the person that you are thinking of selling your property with ?"



Peter was born in central Queensland and spent his childhood in Rocky. He left school to do an electrical apprenticeship at the Qld's largest Power Station. After working there for seven years, Peter left to extensively travel around Europe. After returning home, he came to Brisbane to live and continued to work as an electrician, gaining experience

Real Estate Career

Peter Wallmer began his Real Estate Career in the depth of the recession in May of 1990. He began working out of an office at Annerley, and it was only sheer determination that kept him going.  Peter has grown tremendously since those early days, and even today he is STILL constantly learning. Peter is always at courses and seminars to improve himself and his knowledge so as to pass as many benefits on to his clients as possible.

Peter Wallmer is striving to be   THE BEST ESTATE AGENT IN THIS AREA.

Partner / Business Partner

"Simone. Gives me great support with the business - both at the office and  at home.   Simone works with me at the office helping me with details and paperwork and also some field work, so it really is a "family" business.  It is so important to have understanding from your partner in this industry, as there are often long hours and late nights involved.  We currently live at Annerley . "


"Simone and I have one child "Molly" who was born in March 1998. She is the apple of our eyes , and is growing steadily day by day.  Molly has changed our lives, and we love her with everything that we have."


"I enjoy travelling, the beach, 4 wheel drive adventures, camping,caravaning , BBQ's and picnics in the park, fishing , holidays and entertaining friends. I also like to take time out to relax with Simone and Molly."



In 2002-2003 we've completed a 12 month holiday around Australia ! WOW ! What a great time we all had. It was very much a family bonding experience. Crocs in Cape York, barramundi in Kakadu, sunsets in Broome, wineries in the Barossa, Pinnacles, Ayres Rock, Bungle Bungles, gem fossiking, gold prospecting - you name it - we had a go. Little Molly has grown so much during our time away, both physically and emotionally. She has become even more outgoing than before - her ability to "make friends" where ever we were was outstanding. I'm so glad we did it - it took a lot of planning (not to mention the folding stuff). We've made some memories which will be etched in our families minds and spirits forever. Back to the real world now though ! After all the places I've been, and thinking about all options available, I have come to the conclusion that selling Real Estate is still what I really love to do. Real estate is a great vehicle for building long term wealth, and its a great feeling to help with people's financial future.


"My aim is to be the BEST ESTATE AGENT IN THIS AREA."


Due to his hard work and professionalism, Peter regularly receives awards and recognition.  To follow is a list of awards that Peter has received over the years.

Some of Peter's awards

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