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1. Get hot listings first. Some of the properties are sold before they even get onto the Internet site (preparation time for photos and detailed descriptions etc.). If you are ready to buy now and want first chance on the best properties first, then this service is for you.
2. Links to Virtual Tours. Only some properties on the net have 3d virtual tours. Save your time by not having to search through which ones are which - this email provides simple links to the properties and new listings with virtual tours.
3. Keep up with Local Prices. If you are buying or selling then you need to keep up with local market trends and pricing. Relevant market conditions are commented on too. Be smart - be informed.
4. Privacy. Now you can give as much or as little information as you like. (Please see our privacy statement.) First and last name plus valid email address will get you on the system by using the form on this page. If you need the most help possible to find the home of your dreams please click on the "I want to give you more info" button on this page. This will take you to a detailed form that has provision for your specific requirements.

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